You Can Do These 3 Ways To Clean Tiles After Flood

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The impact of the flood not only eliminated valuables but also made the house dirty with mud. Some of you might find it difficult to clean the tile after the flood. However, you don’t need to worry. You can always hire the office carpet cleaning to clean your tiles after flood flawlessly. However, if you want to clean your tiles yourself, here is a summary of three easy ways to clean dirty tiles after a flood:

1. Rub the tile with a cleaning solution

If the surface of the tile is very dirty like it was filled with mud, you can add detergent and a quarter cup of ammonia to a bucket of warm water. Then, rub the two solutions on the tile surface and brush using a rigid nylon cloth. It’s best to never use metal brushes like metal fibers that can stick to the tile and cause the tile to rust. If you still cannot remove the mud, you can add trisodium phosphate or TSP to the washing water. After that, rinse with water and allow it to dry.

2. Use bleach on the tile

After using a cleaning solution, use bleach on the tile that was exposed to mud. This must be done because, after cleaning the tile affected by the mud has not been completely clean, there is still a lot of fungi attached. To eliminate mold growth on the tile of a house, you can mix one to two tablespoons of bleach in a liter of water and put it in a spray bottle. After that, spray the tile or wall with the solution and rub it with a nylon bristle brush.

3. Add tile bleach powder

After adding bleach to the tile from dirty mud due to flooding, you also need to add tile bleach powder. Because, after you clean, the tile still smells. For that, sprinkle chlorination lime. Then, let the whitening powder absorb the tile for a full day. The next day, sweep the tile and remove the remaining dirt on the tile of your house.

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