Unique Facts About Pasta

Friday , 27, August 2021 Leave a comment

Not only in their home country, but there are also many culinary enthusiasts in other parts of the country. So, it’s not surprising that you can easily find raw pasta in the nearest shopping mall or buy the cook one on Italian Restaurant. If you are also a pasta lover, do you know the various unique facts about this culinary one?

Maybe this fact will surprise you. Yes, pasta dough is kneaded using feet. Not without reason, pasta dough is very hard so it’s not enough if you just rely on your hands. However, this custom no longer applies today. This is because sophisticated machines for processing hard and heavy pasta dough have appeared to replace human labor. However, pasta has been around since 400 BC in its native land.

The al dente technique is a term used in the culinary world, especially pasta, to indicate the level of doneness at a soft but chewy level when bitten. Pasta cooked with the al dente technique does provide a longer full effect because it is not overcooked but also not raw.

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