Tips To Avoid Property Fraud When Buying Or Selling In Punta Cana

Saturday , 21, August 2021 Leave a comment

We may often hear the evils around us from various sources. Right now we may still be safe, but there is a possibility that bad things will happen to us too. Like the crime of fraud for example. Property fraud is becoming more and more common. As buyers, we must be smart in conducting in-depth research before transacting. Choose a trusted source like if you want to get the property you want. Use this method to make it easier for you to know which ones are safe and which are not!
Tips that must be known so as not to become a victim of property fraud when buying and selling Punta Cana transactions.

1. Don’t be tempted by the label
Remember, don’t be fooled by any labels. It’s okay to be interested in labels that match your criteria but don’t forget to check and recheck.

2. Don’t be tempted by cheap prices
It’s okay if you are interested in cheap prices or big discounts, that’s a human thing. But, again, don’t get carried away. Check again the truth and explore why it can be cheap or big discounts.

3. Be careful before transacting
Buying a house costs hundreds of millions of rupiah, so be careful before transacting. Research the documents that you must sign. Payments in large amounts, such as for advances, should be accompanied by a notary as much as possible.

4. Research the Facilities
Check carefully all the facilities in the house, namely the number of rooms, bathrooms, and others. Also the environment around the house, according to or not with the needs of you and your family?

Also, check the public facilities around the house. Including road conditions and access to the house, security, and water quality at home.

5. Check the Authenticity and Completeness of Documents
Checking documents is an important step when you buy a house whether from a developer or an old owner. Don’t be fooled into buying a house that is in dispute. If the document is still in the bank, check again. You can ask for help from a notary or the bank’s legal division to check the authenticity of the house documents.

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