Fixing Garbage Disposal: Fixing Yourself Or Hiring A Service?

Thursday , 5, August 2021 Leave a comment

Here are few tips to use the garbage disposal properly. Always put a small amount of food in the disposer. Do not fully pack it with the stuff. When it is grinding food don’t pass hot water through it. When it sounds normal it means the grinding process is working fine. Then keep the water running through it for 20 more seconds.Sometimes you may call a plumber to fix your faulty garbage disposal. Plumbers will charge a handsome amount for fixing it. Especially on holidays, plumber charges twice as much of the normal rates. But as a matter of fact, normally you can fix them by yourself. This article will help you in identifying and rectifying the problem with your garbage disposal by using starting a junk removal service.

When leaving home for long then run the water through it for at least 40 seconds as there may be some food particles blocked in it. Last and most important is not to put your hand inside it when the disposer is grinding or even if unit is plugged in.

In the situation that your garbage disposal stops working, firstly you need to check is the power plug properly plugged into the socket. After that, check the over load breaker which is normally located at the bottom of the disposer. Press the reset button. Even after that if your garbage disposal does not start working then it means it is jammed or broken.

To open the jammed disposer, first of all, power off the disposer and take out the plug from the socket for safety. After that you need a 1/4 hex wrench. Insert the wrench at the port in the middle of the bottom of the garbage disposer. Turn the port 3 to 5 times in anti-clock wise direction then in the reverse direction for few times and it should do the trick. If the problem is with your disposer’s drain then remove the drain pipe by losing its nuts and clean it with some wire.

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